Danefæ is cool baby and childrens clothes, with a special exquisite soft quality, that lasts wash after wash.

Erik the Viking, the swan og the little mermaid prints, all create a retro style, which is the graphic trademark of a wide variety of products from Danefæ.

Danefæ is also known for their vibrant colours and lots of stripes.

See the Copenhagen Kidswear collection of Danefæ products below.

Danefæ - funky kidswear with Scandinavian design

The brand Danefæ are famous for their Scandinavian design inspired by the historic icon and nordic mythology.  Many know their prints, Erik the Viking, which has a prominent role in the Danefæ logo and on their products.

Danefæ are on top of the latest trends, and at the same time they maintain their unique look in their designs.  They always have great colours that suit the season, that also are easy to match with the rest of their products.  They are also known for their stripes, which can be found on t-shirts, shirts, suits, jackets and much more.

The quality is always good, and as the fabric is precoloured, the clothes looks great after several washes.  The also have a very soft quality, so the children will love to wear it.

Jackets and fleece

Because of Danefæ's focus on the Scandinavian countries, they have developed a range of seasonal outerwear that they are well-known for.  Their company was originally started producing raincoats and have since developed from there.

Other than the raincoats, Danefæ make very soft and comfortable fleece jackets and suits that are perfect for the fall.  Jackets come in many different sizes, and there are colour combinations that suit both boys and girls. The soft fleecejackets, which are hooded, are great to play in for the smallest and all have a durable zip that is easy to use.

Danefæ also have wonderful snowsuits, which are a must in the cold winters.  They have a nice hood, practical straps for under the boots, and reflectors so you child will be seen in trafic.  Danefæ snowsuits are great and comfortable that your child will be eager to get out and play.

Cphkidswear.dk also stock springjackets with stripes from Danefæ, and their warm winter jackets which are waterproof, windproof and allows the body to breathe - so you can safely send your child out to play in unpredictable weather.

Shirts, trousers and t-shirts

Danefæ longsleeve shirts and t-shirts are decorated with the well-known Scandinavian icon like Erik the Viking, the beautiful swan, daisies, the mermaid and so on, so your child will always have a fun friend when wearing something from Danefæ.  There are many different colour combinations and imaginative images so there is plenty to choose from for boys and girls.

Many of the shirts also have another of Danefæ's trademarks - the stripes.  Often made in the colours of the rainbow they will brighten up your day - even on a cold and dark winter day.  Danefæ are very good at choosing colours that fit the season, and are also up-to-date on the latest trends.  The shirts also have a nice finish; on the t-shirts there is a nice edge along the neck and sleeves which makes it more durable and exclusive.

Danefæ shirts and t-shirts are always in great, soft quality and the fabric can be washed many times.  These shirts from Danefæ are a hit with both children and their parents.

Danefæ offers also trousers in sweat-quality with elastic waists, so the child can easily take them on and off.  They match perfectly with the shirts and their many colours.

Wonderful dresses

Danefæ dresses are available with both long and short sleeves, and are therefore suitable for all seasons.  They are made of a wonderfully soft fabric, so the child can play freely in the dresses.  Dresses from Danefæ go very nicely with leggins or tights, and when the summer comes the short-sleeved dresses are very comfortable with bare legs and sandals.  Dresses are great for both everyday use and on more formal occasions, and with the many colours they can be used everywhere.

The cute dresses from Danefæ are decorated with feminie motives such as the swan and the daisy - prints that many girls will love.  The dresses are also available with stripes, and the combinations are endless so it can almost be difficult to choose what to wear.

Bodysuits and summersuits

Danefæ has a wide selection of kidswear, and also make great bodysuits and summersuits with the iconic images on the front.  Many of the suits are certified by the Oeko-Tex standard, and have a wonderful soft quality that babies love.  Bodysuits are perfect for the cold days, and the summersuits are great when the sun is out.

Many of the Danefæ suits have the famous stripes in many different and happy colours, and have a nice finish along the legs and sleeves.

Great accessories

Other than Danefæ's standard range of shirts, t-shirts, suits, trousers and jackets they also have a number of accessories for the children family.  They offer nice bibs with the well-known prints; nice, warm hats with stripes in soft quality; bags in water-proof materials and great socks in colours that match the clothes.

Danefæ offers a wide selection of great kidswear and accessories, that is up to date with fashion and is the envy of others in nursery or school.  The quality is always good and the design is imaginative.

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